Product Advantages

Original designs of modern rustic series, with the deduction of different colors and the addition of different textures, open up a new state of aesthetics. Series of products are expressed several finishes, including polished, soft polished, semi-polished grain, rustic and so on. Thanks to extraordinary quality and special texture, Modern Rustic series are the favorite of fashion. Series of products have various sizes that can be satisfied the decoration requirements of walls and floors of various spaces.

1.The Advantage Of Resource Substitution
Using advanced technology to restore stone texture on T20 quartz tiles and making them with rich patterns and uniform color. Compared with natural stone, it is more environmentally protection and corrosion-resistant and the most suitable substitute for natural stone.

2.The Advantage of Cost
With more than 10000N breaking strength, T20 quartz tiles are suitable for squares, commercial streets, parking lots and other high traffic public places. They are not easily to be broken and with long service life and low maintenance cost in later stage.

3.The Advantage Of Anti-slip:
The highest slip resistance level reaches R11. Such strong anti-slip power ensures safer and more secure use in public places.

4.The Advantage Of Stain Resistant:
Thanks to excellent physical performance, T20 quartz tiles have very low water absorption. They are not easy to fade and are not afraid of water penetration. It has high stain resistant and is easily to clean and maintain and can be used for a long time.

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