SK Ceramics takes High Value as its core brand strategy. Through the integration of the advantages of the two major production areas in the world and China, we strictly select high-quality products from Italy and Spain and global imported raw materials, and introduce advanced technology and production equipment. Taking the EU production standard as the benchmark, SK Ceramics join hands with many masters in fashion, art, design and construction to continuously create products with High appearance value, High quality and High added value and continue to build a better living space for the new elite.

SK Ceramics, an international fashion ceramic brand was founded in 1998 by Kong, a space fashion architect.

In 1997, Kong, founder of SK Ceramics, and Stefano, an Italian genius designer, jointly developed the world's first marble handmade porcelain tile SK marble, which attracted extensive attention from industry and international media. SK marble has injected rich imagination and creativity into space aesthetics with its innovative design, and has become the star product of Bologna Ceramic Exhibition.

The success of SK marble has greatly stimulated Kong's enthusiasm for cross-border application research of space aesthetics and materials. In 1998, Kong and Stefano established the SK Ceramics brand based on Bologna's advanced ceramic tile production technology. Kong applied the trend concept of the international fashion industry to product design and space building, created the unique fashion style of SK Ceramics and became a fashion pioneer in the field of Italian ceramics.

In 2013, with the upgrading of consumption in Chinese market, ceramic industry ushered in the fourth industrial revolution. In order to bring the world fashion trend to Chinese consumers, Kong established SK Ceramics Greater China in Asia and Foshan Think Lamina Co., Ltd in Ceramic City of Asia Foshan, Guangdong, which opened the development pace of SK Ceramics in China market.

SK Ceramics, takes High Value as its core brand strategy and integrates product advantages of Italy and China. By selecting materials, advanced equipment and production standards from EU and all over the world, we work with masters in fashion, art, design and architecture to create more high-face-value, high-quality and high-added-value products for better spaces of the new elite.

High-value Products

  • Production area - China & International production areas

SK Ceramics takes High Value as its core brand strategy and integrates the advantages of the two major production areas in the world and China

1)International production areas: strictly select 100% original high-quality products from Italy and Spain.

2)China production area: select global imported raw materials and introduce advanced technology and production equipment.

Adopt the world's leading technology and take the EU production standard as the benchmark to create a high-value product system.

  • Product system - Selection library for high-end designers

SK Ceramics, in conjunction with the top Italian design team, works with many masters in fashion, art, design and architecture to build a high-face-value, high-quality and high-added-value full category product system, which inspires designers to have unlimited possibilities of spatial collocation and is a selection library for high-end designers.

More than 300 products: Super sintered stone, rare and luxury stone, classic marble, artistic crossover, sandstone, cement and wood tiles, etc.

15 Specifications:

1)S-CLASS High-value Sintered Stone·Reconstruct of Home Future

  1600x3200mm、1500x3000mm、1000x3000mm 、1200x2700mm、1200x2400mm、 1200x1200 mm、800x2600mm

2)E-CLASS Fashion Mainstream · Texture Tone


3)C-CLASS Classical Style · Self-contained Style


12 Finishes: Digital glazed finish, Glaring crystal finish, Glaring Rough finish, Rough finish, Semi-polished finish, Slotted finish, Dry grain finish, Candy glazed finish, Rustic finish, Matt finish, Soft polished finish and Full glazed polished finish.

5 Thicknesses: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 10mm and 20mm