Located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, which is known as the Ceramics City of China, Thinkhome Ceramics keeps pace with the world's trends, drives fashion with original design, integrates light and luxury fashion elements with product aesthetics, provides texture products for people's pursuit of a higher style of life, deduces the unique charm of life and conceives the beauty of home for you.

  As what our slogan Thinkhome Sintered Stone Redefines Luxury Houses says, Thinkhome ceramics successively launched a variety of specifications of ceramic products, developed G,S,E,A,C series and other product series. Multi surface finishes and hundreds of designs have made our products become the standard matching of big and luxury houses. Our products have been exported to more than 60 countries such as UAS, the UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, etc.

  Thinkhome ceramics has a professional team of sintered stone. We introduced the latest Italian processing technology and professional fine finishing equipment and established Thinkhome fine finishing center to meet the personalized and customized needs of terminal consumers and to show the superiority of sintered stone.

  From the beginning of its establishment, Thinkhome Ceramics has maintained a high starting point and a high position and has kept close cooperation with Italy PANARIA GROUP. We constantly introduce the latest Italian technology, products trends, service concepts and has brought the European elite's home atmosphere and space aesthetic standards to China to promote the development and transformation of the domestic ceramic industry.

  In the future, Thinkhome ceramics will continue to explore and innovate in positioning the future high-end consumers and strive to create an international fashion, modern luxury home space.

  Complete In Specifications:Products have various sizes that can be satisfied the decoration requirements of walls and floors of various spaces.

  Original Design:Continue Italy excellent creative thinking. synchronous international fashion trends. with a unique way of expression of Thinkhome.

  Fine Finishing:We have the first professional team in sintered stone and perfect customized service system for fine finishing.

  Rich Surfaces:Advanced surface technology can be satisfied the functional and aesthetic needs of different spaces.

  Environmental Protection:Our production processes reduce the use of raw materials, water and energy, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

  Safety Of Antimicrobial:Italy, introducing silver ion antibacterial technology, safe and harmless, long-term limited, killing 99.9% harmful bacteria.

  Thickness diversification:With diversification of thickness, our products can satisfy the functional and aesthetic needs of different spaces.